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Book Review Part 6 Buchbesprechung Teil 6 en-de

Book Review Part 6 Buchbesprechung Teil 6 en-de

(Autor: Robert Rickler Regensburg)

This is the 6th part of a book review of "The Israeli Solution" written by Caroline Glick. (Look here: )

Dies ist der 6. Teil einer Buchbesprechung des Buches "The Israeli Solution" von Caroline Glick. (Siehe hier: )

C.G. describes Husseini's efforts to build an alliance with the Nazis.

C.G. beschreibt Husseinis Bestrebungen eine Allianz mit den Nazis aufzubauen.


"From the outset, he sought to build an alliance between the Arabs and Berlin against the Jews and the British. Like his Nazi-supporting colleagues in Syria, Morocco, and Egypt, he was heartened by the passage of the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, which institutionalized the discrimination and dehumanization of Jews in Germany."

At first Hitler hesitated.

Anfangs zögerte Hitler.



"In the early years of the Nazi regime, Hitler felt constrained to maintain good relations with the British to facilitate his smooth consolidation of dictatorial powers in Germany and his remilitarization of German society and the Rhineland."

But in late 1937 the Nazi regime changed their priorities.

Aber gegen Ende 1937 änderte das Nazi Regime seine Prioritäten.



"The Nazis began responding positively to Husseini’s attempts to forge a German-Arab alliance only in late 1937.
In that year, with his plans to annex Austria and take over Czechoslovakia finalized, Hitler saw that war with Britain was inevitable. Maintaining good relations with the British therefore slid to the bottom of his list of priorities. And supporting the Palestinian Arab terror war against the Jews and the British in Mandatory Palestine became an attractive proposition."

(To be continued.)

(Fortsetzung folgt.)

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