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Book Review Part 5 Buchbesprechung Teil 5 en-de

Book Review Part 5 Buchbesprechung Teil 5 en-de

(Autor: Robert Rickler Regensburg)

This is the fifth part of a book review of "The Israeli Solution" written by Caroline Glick. 

Dies ist der fünfte Teil einer Buchbesprechung des Buches "The Israeli Solution" von Caroline Glick. (Siehe hier: )

C.G. describes Husseini's goal setting.

C.G. beschreibt Husseinis Zielsetzung.



"He rejected the independent existence of a specifically Palestinian Arab land or people and saw the local Arabs as part of a larger pan-Arab or pan-Syrian nation, or Islamic umma."

Thanks to Husseini the British attempts to appease the Arabs were a failure.

Dank Husseini waren die britischen Bemühungen, die Araber zu beschwichtigen, ein Fehlschlag.



"More than any other single individual, Haj Amin el-Husseini guaranteed that the British attempts to appease the Arabs had no chance of succeeding."

Husseini commissioned the translation and spreading of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which according to Norman Cohn were the ideological foundation of the Holocaust.

Husseini gab die Übersetzung und Verbreitung der Protokolle der Weisen von Zion in Auftrag, welche laut Norman Cohn die ideologische Grundlage des Holocaust waren.



"In one of his earliest and most significant forays into this field, he commissioned the translation, and oversaw the dissemination, of the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

"The British historian Norman Cohn has argued that the Protocols, which were taught as fact in German schools during the Nazi period, were the ideological foundation of the Holocaust.

Husseini had the Protocols translated and published in serialized form in the Arabic press in 1922."

"By translating the work into Arabic, Husseini initiated the Islamic embrace of European-style genocidal Jew hatred that still dominates the Islamic discourse on Israel and the Jews today."

C.G. describes Husseini's relation to Hitler and the Nazis.

C.G. beschreibt Husseinis Beziehung zu Hitler und den Nazis.



"Husseini’s enthusiastic fusion of Islamic Jew hatred from the Koran with European racial anti-Semitism made him an early and enthusiastic supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Like much of the Arab world, he celebrated the Nazis’ rise to power in Germany in 1933; he even sent a congratulatory letter to Hitler."

(To be continued.)

(Fortsetzung folgt.)

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