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The Vaccine

A short story (political thriller)
(Author: Robert Rickler Regensburg)

This short story is fictitious.
The characters and storyline of this short story are fictitious. Any similarities to actual events or living or deceased people would be purely coincidental. This short story is for the entertainment of the reader only.

The Vaccine

Dr. Wang looked at his laptop. The American company Old Fashion has just published a statement that it has sent the first shipment of vaccine against the Carmen Virus to an institute that wants to carry out the first human experiments.
He smiled and shook his head. How can you be so stupid and waste so much valuable time with useless tests? The only test you have to do is a two-week test. After vaccination it takes 2 weeks to get the maximum number of antibodies. Then you do a titer and you know whether the vaccine works. Then you can start mass vaccinations.

In order to find out which dose is the right one, the two-week test uses different amounts and the smallest dose at which antibodies are detected is the right one. A titer from a patient who survived the Carmen Virus is used as a comparison.

Our people did human tests weeks ago and they were successful. Since the manufacturing process is based on genetic engineering, it is possible to expand production within a few days, which our people have been doing long ago. We are now producing millions of vaccine doses a week and we will increase it even further. Vaccinating the entire Chinese population is a mammoth task, but our people will do it. China will be the first country in which the entire population is vaccinated.

And that is thanks to the Chinese scientists and the Chinese intelligence agency, which has done a brilliant job here.

Step 1: Offer the decoded gene code for download on the Ministry of Health website.
Step 2: Each pharmaceutical company reveals its identity when it downloads the data.
Step 3: Now our intelligence agency knows where to spy.

We scientists had all the information about developments a few days after the companies had them themselves.

It quickly became clear that the Old Fashion company had a head start because they had already examined a similar virus. We have focused our attention on this. As soon as we had all the necessary information, we immediately started production and did the two-week test. When it became clear that the vaccine was working and how much was needed, we immediately started mass vaccinations.

Of course we conformed to the list of priorities:
1. The top party cadres and the government
2. The lower party cadres and medical personnel
3. People who have a lot of contact with other people
4. Other people

Western countries are so stupid that they waste a year testing while the virus spreads. If this continues, China will have finished mass vaccinations before Western countries can start. Perhaps China can then export the vaccine profitable.

Dr. Wang had spent several years at a university in Germany and heard about Pasteur, who saved a child from Alsace against expert advice, and Paul Ehrlich, who defeated diphtheria against expert advice.

There is not much left of this pioneering spirit in western countries.
China will emerge strengthened from this crisis with the Carmen Virus.

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